Trussing & Carving a turkey

Use our handy tips below to learn how to truss and carve your turkey.

Video Guide on how to Cook the Perfect Roast Turkey



How to Truss a Tegel Turkey

  • Remove packaging, giblets and any excess fat from the bird.
  • Rinse inside and out and pat dry with a disposible paper towel.
  • If desired, stuff the cavity with your favourite Tegel stuffing recipe. Alternatively, cut a lemon in half and place in the cavity for an aromatic lemon flavour.
  • The simpliest way to achieve a good shape and even cooking of your roast Turkey is to place the bird breast side up in a roasting tray with the wings tucked back under the bird.
  • Cross the legs over and tie together with ovenable string. Bake as per the cooking instructions on the packaging.


 How to Carve a Tegel Turkey

  • Always be very careful when carving and do not rush. Use a sharp knife and a roasting fork for carving, and always cut away from yourself.
  • Gently pull back the leg and thigh, using your knife to negotiate the join and separate it from the main cavity. Separate the thigh and leg if desired.
  • Cutting close into the main breast bone, cut off one side of the breast following the shape of the cavity. If desired, slice the breast into smaller pieces and remove the wing.
  • Repeat with the other half.