Living the kiwi dream

A life of fresh air, sunshine and good food.

At Tegel, we take our commitment to free range farming very seriously. Working alongside the Ministry of Primary Industries, we have an extensive monitoring programme in place to ensure our chickens are cared for to the highest level of animal welfare and food safety standards. 

Our farms adhere to the “Five Freedoms” principles of animal welfare.  Those are freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury or disease, freedom to express normal behaviours, and freedom from fear and distress.  

For the first few weeks, our free range chickens live in large, open barns that provide the right amount of warmth, humidity, food and water. This ensures they are protected from the elements and predators.  

Once they’re fully feathered, the chickens can go outside where they’re free to roam, enjoy the shade under the trees, and forage amongst the vegetation. They come back inside at night to keep warm and safe.

Our free range chickens are fed a nutritious diet of grains, corn, vitamins and minerals, which has been specially formulated by our poultry nutritionists. This diet ensures they don’t lack for important nutrients.

In accordance with New Zealand law, our chickens are never given growth hormones.

Lastly, we’re independently audited by a third party to ensure our farms meet or exceed animal welfare standards. This means you can be sure that the utmost care has been taken to ensure New Zealand’s favourite chicken has been raised happy and healthy. For more on what life on a free range farm is like, watch the interview with free range farmer Trudy, above.