Carving a Turkey

Carving a roast turkey can be super simple if you follow a few key steps; make sure to always rest your turkey after roasting, use a sharp knife when slicing and always take your time. Follow the steps below for the perfect carve!




Before you get started:

  • Set up a carving station with a large clean chopping board (large enough for your roast turkey)and place a damp cloth underneath the board. The damp cloth prevents the chopping board from sliding around while you are carving.

  • Let the turkey rest for at least 15–30 minutes (depending on the size) before carving. Resting helps the meat absorb the juices which prevents the turkey from drying out, and makes the turkey easier to handle when carving.

  • For best results, always use a sharp knife and a large fork to carve your turkey.

  • Remember to always cut away from yourself and take your time carving.


How to Carve:

  1. Start by carving off the legs. Using the sharp knife, slice through the skin between the breast and leg, cutting down towards the joint. Using your hands, gently pull the leg and thigh down towards the board, so that it is lying flat. Push up from underneath until the joint pops out. Then use your sharp knife to cut around the joint and remove the leg and thigh completely.

  2. If desired, you can separate the drum from the thigh. To do this flip the turkey legs over so they are skin-side down, you will be able to see the natural separation between drumstick and thigh.Use your sharp knife to cut through the meat and carefully slice through the joint

  3. Next remove the breasts. Cutting close into the main breast bone, cut off one side of the breast following the shape of the cavity. Once the breast is removed, if desired, sliced the breast across the grain into smaller pieces. Repeat with the other side.

  4. Lastly, remove the wings. Using your hands, gently pull one of the wings away from the body,then use your sharp knife to cut through the joint. Repeat with the other wing.


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