Preparing a Turkey

When cooking turkey, you should take special care so that you can enjoy a safe and healthy meal.Remember to always wash your hands thoroughly and follow the steps below to safely handle your turkey.


Food safety:

  • Do not wash or rinse raw turkey. This increases the risk of cross contamination in your kitchen  and food preparation area. As long as the turkey is cooked properly in a hot oven, any bacteria will be killed during the cooking process.
  • Whenever you’re handling raw meat & poultry, always wash your hands regularly & use the 20/20 rule: wash for 20 seconds, dry for 20 seconds.
  • Use a clean plastic chopping board when preparing raw turkey. Wooden chopping boards are not suitable for raw meat as they are more porous and harder to clean. Alternatively, you can prepare your turkey directly in the oven dish you will roast it in.
  • Ensure you wash all cutting boards, utensils, knives and surfaces with hot, soapy water or antibacterial spray after preparing raw turkey and before you prepare your next ingredient.

Preparing turkey to roast:

  • There are many different ways to prepare a turkey for roasting, including a wet brine, dry brine,glaze, dry rub or simply rubbing butter all over and under the skin before roasting.
  • You can even try wrapping it in bacon or making a flavoured rubbing butter!
  • Always ensure to season your turkey generously inside the cavity and all over the skin.

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Video Guide on how to Cook the Perfect Roast Turkey

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